Running buddies do motivate

This morning I didn’t something very uncharacteristic of me in the last few months.  I got up and ran 8.3 miles before work.  I had so many good reasons to stay in bed and sleep this morning.

  • I had to meet Meredith and Martha at 5:20am
  • It was humid out
  • It was drizzling/raining
  • It’s Friday
  • Did I mention I had to get up at 5am?
However, I told Meredith I would run with her and I didn’t want to bail on her.   She was doing 10 miles to kick off her Chicago training and I wanted to get in 7-8 miles today so I could take Saturday off to rest before the BAA 10K Sunday.  Running buddies really do motivate you.  I didn’t want to let Meredith down by being a no-show so when I rolled over and saw 4:26am on my clock I made a mental note to fall back asleep quickly because my alarm was going off in 20 minutes.  It reminded me of the good old days.  Meredith and I used to meet at the gym at 4:30am and run anywhere from 10-16 miles on Friday morning so it wouldn’t cut into our beach time on Saturday. (We both have our priorities set straight 🙂 )  The only reason I got out of bed for those runs was because I couldn’t leave her standing in the dark outside of the gym waiting for me. Ok, that’s not entirely true but knowing she was going to be there helped.  
I’m going to try to get out and bed and run with her once a week from now until my move because soon enough I won’t be able to meet Meredith at 5:20am.  I’m going to miss those runs!   (And also running on flat ground)  I ran 6.5 miles with Meredith and then turned around and headed home.  
On my way back I noticed that Admiral Farragut was dressed in a Bruins jersey and had to snap a picture.  
I finished my run up and decided to treat myself to a Powerade Zero.  I know, it’s not really a treat but I hadn’t had a nice cold sports drink since marathon training and I thought 8.3 miles justified something other than water.  It was delicious.  I got back to my apartment and stretched and foam rolled.  I was feeling guilty that I was going to skip weights this morning so I decided to try some push-ups to make up for it a bit.  To my surprise I was able to do 10 REAL push-ups!  I was so excited!  All my upper body weight training has paid off!  I did 3 sets of 10 real push-ups and some PT exercises for strengthening my legs and hips.  All and all a productive morning before 7am.  
I spent the rest of my morning lounging on the couch, icing my foot, and getting ready for work.  I had nearly 2 hours between the end of my run and going to work so it was very relaxing.  

Thanks for motivating me this morning Meredith!


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