100 Mile Month

In August, I ran 101 Miles.  I haven’t logged 100 miles since March when I was in full training for the Boston Marathon.  It feels awesome!  In addition to my 100 miles I got up out of bed and ran 5 days this week.  Another accomplishment that hasn’t happened in a very long time!  It feels good to be running consistently again!

Two weeks ago I tried trail running with my friend Katie up on Mt. Tam.  It was AWESOME and hard.  Did I mention it was hard?  Wow.  I actually had to stop at one point because we were running stairs up the side of a mountain.  CRAZY.  Katie is awesome at hill running but she’s got 4 months on me.  I hope I get there at some point!

I also tried Bikram yoga.  It’s the yoga that’s like a 100 degrees and you just sweat from the second you walk in.  I don’t mind it, however it’s very different from traditional yoga.  I like sweating and cleansing my body of toxins but I miss the traditional yoga poses and sun salutations.  I am going to give a try a few more times and then try some other studios.  I was actually sent a great article on Hot Yoga and it’s benefits to running.  Check it out here.

I’m off to the Disneyland Half Marathon tonight.  (Writing from the airport)  I can’t wait to run my first Disney race!  I’m meeting my cousin Heather there who is going to receive her “Coast to Coast” medal on Sunday.  She’s also running ALL of the Disney Races in 2011.  You can read about all her adventures here.  More about Disney after the race!

I haven’t written much in the last few weeks, it’s been a bit crazy settling in here but I figured I would share some pictures from my August running…my own “Coast to Coast”.

10 Mile Run in Maine - Marginal Way

Ogunquit Beach - 10 Mile Run - Maine

View of Bay from the top of Lombard St - California

Marina - My new neighborhood - (the flat part)

Golden Gate Bridge on my run through Chrissy Field

Alcatrez from Chrissy Field

Sausalito - View from lunch after trail running (Believe it or not this is the same day as the previous two pictures - SF weather!)

Alameda Beach Wednesday Morning


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