Remember all that writing about Tendonitis I did back in 2011?  Well, I’ve had on and off pain in my foot since my first marathon in November 2010.  My Boston doctor had diagnosed it has tendonitis in my foot.  I’ve been dealing with it ever since and when I moved to SF the pain flared up again so I saw a doctor here.  After reviewing my MRI he told me I had a build up of scar tissue in my ankle and he didn’t think it was actually tendonitis at all.  He gave m a cortisone injection in my foot which made a tremendous difference!  I went back this summer and received a second one which once again relieved my pain.

I knew this wouldn’t last forever and when my pain came back late this fall I had to make a decision.  I could opt to have surgery on my foot and removed the excess scar tissue or try and keep running on it.  I decided to have the surgery to hopefully resolve this nagging pain once and for all.  It’s a minor surgery called a ankle arthroscopy and would need minimal recovery time.  (Crutches for 5 days and no running for 4-6 weeks)  I scheduled the surgery for January because I have no planned races coming up and I could recover stress free with no set timeframe to run again.

I had the surgery this past Thursday.  It went well and I’m now recovering.  I was told I would be put in a “splint” for 5 days while on crutches.  This is what my foot currently looks like:


It’s a bit more than what I envisioned as a “splint”.  Haha.  It’s been an interesting 3 days.  I don’t envy anyone on crutches.  I only have to be on them for 5 days and I can’t wait until I can walk again.  I should be walking out of the Doctor’s office on Tuesday.  Fingers crossed!

My friend Kate has been really great to me.  She brought me to and from surgery and hung out with me Thursday afternoon.  Yesterday was a beautiful day in SF and she drove me down to Fort Mason for a picnic lunch.  Our friend Kendra joined us and we just laid out in the sun people watching from 12:30-4pm.  It was a great day!  This afternoon I went over to her house to watch the Patriots and she cooked a pot roast.  (The game was depressing, enough said about that)  It’s great to have wonderful friends here to help me out!  I was worried about being so far from home but I did well!

So for now, no running, biking, swimming, walking, etc.  The most exercise I have gotten is up and down to flights of stairs on crutches which is actually much more work then I thought.  I’m hoping that I’ll be cleared to swim next week, I need to wait until my incision heals.  I’m also hoping that I can maybe get to the gym and do some upper body weights and maybe some legs at some point.  I think it will be hard to aerobically keep in shape if I can’t spin but I’m determined to get my heart rate up somehow.  So for now…just doing all I can to make my recovery go as smoothly as possible and stay positive.  I will survive 4-6 weeks without running….it won’t be easy, but I’ll survive.  As my mother says, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” so I’m hoping to come out of this stronger than ever!


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