I visited the doctor today for my post-op appointment. He told me before the surgery I would be walking out of there so I was pretty excited!

They removed my cast like thing and my ankle looked surprisingly better then I expected. It’s really bruised but it’s not as swollen as I thought it would be. I got upgraded to a “post-op boot and elastic sock”. Lovely! I’ll take it over crutches though!


I’m cleared to walk as much as I’d like so I’m going to give myself another day or two and then try and get out for some exercise. On the road to recovery!

In the meantime I signed up for the Disneyland half marathon again today. I wanted to get into the Dumbo Dare challenge which is a 10k Saturday and Half on Sunday but it sold out in the first hour. I’m really disappointed. I couldn’t even get onto the RunDisney page to register. They only opened it to 5k people as well. So few! It sold out in an hour. Also the price of the race is $175. I think at some point I’m going to stop running Disney races. They are a blast but price is ridiculous. I can run the SF full marathon for $135. Disney why does everything have to be so expensive?

So as of today I have to be I half marathon shape for Labor Day. My next commitment is to the SF half marathon in June! Fingers crossed I’ll be more than ready!


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