I visited the doctor today for my post-op appointment. He told me before the surgery I would be walking out of there so I was pretty excited!

They removed my cast like thing and my ankle looked surprisingly better then I expected. It’s really bruised but it’s not as swollen as I thought it would be. I got upgraded to a “post-op boot and elastic sock”. Lovely! I’ll take it over crutches though!


I’m cleared to walk as much as I’d like so I’m going to give myself another day or two and then try and get out for some exercise. On the road to recovery!

In the meantime I signed up for the Disneyland half marathon again today. I wanted to get into the Dumbo Dare challenge which is a 10k Saturday and Half on Sunday but it sold out in the first hour. I’m really disappointed. I couldn’t even get onto the RunDisney page to register. They only opened it to 5k people as well. So few! It sold out in an hour. Also the price of the race is $175. I think at some point I’m going to stop running Disney races. They are a blast but price is ridiculous. I can run the SF full marathon for $135. Disney why does everything have to be so expensive?

So as of today I have to be I half marathon shape for Labor Day. My next commitment is to the SF half marathon in June! Fingers crossed I’ll be more than ready!



Remember all that writing about Tendonitis I did back in 2011?  Well, I’ve had on and off pain in my foot since my first marathon in November 2010.  My Boston doctor had diagnosed it has tendonitis in my foot.  I’ve been dealing with it ever since and when I moved to SF the pain flared up again so I saw a doctor here.  After reviewing my MRI he told me I had a build up of scar tissue in my ankle and he didn’t think it was actually tendonitis at all.  He gave m a cortisone injection in my foot which made a tremendous difference!  I went back this summer and received a second one which once again relieved my pain.

I knew this wouldn’t last forever and when my pain came back late this fall I had to make a decision.  I could opt to have surgery on my foot and removed the excess scar tissue or try and keep running on it.  I decided to have the surgery to hopefully resolve this nagging pain once and for all.  It’s a minor surgery called a ankle arthroscopy and would need minimal recovery time.  (Crutches for 5 days and no running for 4-6 weeks)  I scheduled the surgery for January because I have no planned races coming up and I could recover stress free with no set timeframe to run again.

I had the surgery this past Thursday.  It went well and I’m now recovering.  I was told I would be put in a “splint” for 5 days while on crutches.  This is what my foot currently looks like:


It’s a bit more than what I envisioned as a “splint”.  Haha.  It’s been an interesting 3 days.  I don’t envy anyone on crutches.  I only have to be on them for 5 days and I can’t wait until I can walk again.  I should be walking out of the Doctor’s office on Tuesday.  Fingers crossed!

My friend Kate has been really great to me.  She brought me to and from surgery and hung out with me Thursday afternoon.  Yesterday was a beautiful day in SF and she drove me down to Fort Mason for a picnic lunch.  Our friend Kendra joined us and we just laid out in the sun people watching from 12:30-4pm.  It was a great day!  This afternoon I went over to her house to watch the Patriots and she cooked a pot roast.  (The game was depressing, enough said about that)  It’s great to have wonderful friends here to help me out!  I was worried about being so far from home but I did well!

So for now, no running, biking, swimming, walking, etc.  The most exercise I have gotten is up and down to flights of stairs on crutches which is actually much more work then I thought.  I’m hoping that I’ll be cleared to swim next week, I need to wait until my incision heals.  I’m also hoping that I can maybe get to the gym and do some upper body weights and maybe some legs at some point.  I think it will be hard to aerobically keep in shape if I can’t spin but I’m determined to get my heart rate up somehow.  So for now…just doing all I can to make my recovery go as smoothly as possible and stay positive.  I will survive 4-6 weeks without running….it won’t be easy, but I’ll survive.  As my mother says, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” so I’m hoping to come out of this stronger than ever!

It’s been quite a ride!

The last two months have been incredibly busy but exciting for me!  I haven’t had much time to share details because along with a crazy travel schedule work has been busier than ever.

I’m writing from the Atlanta airport en route to Maine for the 4th of July.  This is my 5th trip in the last 60 days.  I’m really looking forward to spending time on the beach and with my family friends.  I will be in New England for two weeks, working part of that from home.  It will give me lots of time to catch up with my friends and family and I’m sure it will fly by.  I’m very grateful to have a job and manager that allow me to work remotely once or twice a year, it allows me nice quality time with my family.

Here is my recap of the last 60 days:

  • Visited 3 new countries (Germany, Luxembourg and Amsterdam – ran in Lux and Amsterdam)
  • Visited and ran in 2 new states (Utah and Oregon)
  • Spent time in Chicago
  • Ran a Marathon and ran a half marathon
  • Decided after the half marathon to take a month of off running – started swimming to replace it

Here is a Recap in Pictures:

4/28 -4/29 – Eugene, Oregon for my 4th Marathon.

(It’s really excited I ran on the track that is now hosting the Olympic trials)

5/3 – 5/13 – Luxembourg, Amsterdam and Germany

Spent a great 10 days with my childhood best friend Laura and her husband Tim.  It was wonderful to see them and to see their new home.  All in all, it was a spectacular trip.

5/29 – 6/1 – Chicago, IL for work

I was able to get in two great runs allowing me to see a good chunk of the city and lake and took an architecture boat cruise with my co-worker.  The tour was awesome!

6/3 – See Jane Run Half Marathon

My cousin Michaela decided to run the “See Jane Run” women’s half marathon in Alameda on June 3rd.  Because I’m a marathon/half marathon addict I couldn’t help but sign up and run too.  The race ran along my running route from my first month in SF.  It’s a beautiful run along the Bay with a view of the Bay Bridge and city skyline in the background.  I stayed with Michaela the whole race and we chatted and pushed each other along.  My cousin Hilary joined us on her bike for the last 2 miles and got some fun pictures of us running which I need to track down.

6/8 – 6/9 – Paso Robles, California

Wine Tasting with Hilary and then a drive back up the Pacific Coast Highway


6/15-6/17 – Park City, UT


My college roommate and close friend Andrea got married in Deer Valley.  It was a great weekend seeing old friends and making new ones.  I loved Park City, I’d really like to go back and spend more time there.  The wedding was BEAUTIFUL and a blast.  Congrats again to Andrea and Eric!

6/29 – 7/16 – Maine, New Hampshire and Boston

I am functioning on 3 hours of sleep but it’s okay because once I get to Maine in a few hours I’ll change into my bathing suit and hit the beach.  I am very much looking forward to a late afternoon nap on the beach.

I’ve been quite busy but I’m really also very fortunate to have seen as much as I have in the last two months.  I love travelling so I really have been thriving on all the fun trips.  I am looking forward to getting back to SF and staying put for a bit, the airport feels more like home then my apartment in some ways.  I’m also over jet-lag so sticking to one time zone for a while will be helpful!

I hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July!

Eugene – Tracktown USA

It’s almost been 3 weeks since the Eugene Marathon but it’s been a very busy and fun 3  weeks.  Four days after running Eugene I took a 10 day trip to Europe to visit my best friend Laura.  I’ll try to get a post up about my trip this week but figured it’s best to start with the Marathon!

I flew to Eugene on Saturday, April 28th and my friend Lesley picked me up at the airport.  Lesley grew up in Eugene and her parents still live in Eugene so she spent and extended weekend there.  We headed to her house to pick up her parents and head over to the Expo.  She comes from a family of runners!  Lesley was running the marathon along with her Dad and her mom was running the half marathon.

The Expo was well-organized and easy to get in and out.  It wasn’t a big expo but it covered the basics.  I of course made a few purchases.  🙂

Marathon Shirt and Bib

Eugene Marathon Purchases

After the expo Lesley and I headed over to “Saturday Market”.  It’s a big Farmers Market that also includes food and crafts.  We got a fresh squeezed lemonade and burritos!  Yum!  After that we walked around and looked at the different booths.  Eugene loves it’s Tie-Dye – they had tie-dye everything.  After spending time at the Market we headed over a famous donut shop – Voodoo Doughnut.  I had a chocolate cake donut with chocolate frosting and cocoa puffs on it.  It was most likely not the best pre-Marathon food but it was delicious and sooooo worth it.

Amazing Burrito!

Voodoo Doughnuts

Cocoa Puffs Doughnut

Lesley was a wonderful host and great tour guide and took me all around Eugene.  Our next stop of the University of Oregon.  We walked around campus and went to the school store.  I love the spirit of U of O.  They had “O’s” all over the place and everything was decorated in school colors.  One of the founders of Nike has donated a ton of money to the school so they have some really great facilities, especially for athletes.  We ended up walking all the way to “Hayward Field” which is the start and end of the Eugene Marathon. The track was all setup for the finish!  It was exciting.

University of Oregon

Hayward Field – Finish Line

Eugene, Hayward Field and the University have a lot of running history.  Steve Prefontaine was an Olympic runner that started at the University of Oregon in the 70’s.  He had an interesting and tragic life.  He was involved in the early days of Nike when his track coach Bill Bowerman was creating the first Nike running shoes on a waffle maker.  Nike was started in Eugene and was the site of the first Nike store.  We visited the store after the track and they had a little exhibit about Steve Prefontaine.  It was really interesting!

Eugene Nike Store – Love that it says “Nike Running” on the Entrance

After all of our sightseeing we headed home to Lesley’s house and hung out with her parents.  We had a ton of pasta and water and ended up watching the movie about Steve Prefontaine called “Without Limits”.  It was a good way to get psyched-up for the Marathon.  After that it was bed early to try to get a good night sleep for the big day!

Eugene Marathon – Ready!

Bag is packed, apartment cleaned and I’m loaded up with carbs and water. I’m ready for Eugene! My flight leaves at 8:30am tomorrow so it will be an early morning but I’m off to bed shortly. I never sleep well the night before the marathon so I’m aiming for 8 hours tonight.

I’ve never gotten “crafty” with my running clothes but I thought my golden birthday was worthy. Here is my shirt for Sunday!


More from Eugene this weekend!

US Half Marathon – “The Other Half”

Last Sunday I ran the US Half Marathon “Other Half”.  I ran the first “half” of the Marathon back in November.  (Read about it here)  It was probably one of my least favorite runs because the organization putting on the run was horrible.  No medals, horrible “traffic” on the bridge, running up a mountain, etc.  I really didn’t want to run the second half because of that experience but I decided to run because I wanted the “other half” of the medal.  It’s advertised that the two medals fit together into one medal.  I figured, I’d give them another chance and get my completed medal.

Number pick-up was at Sports Basement in the Presidio.  It was organized and very quick which I appreciate.  I got my t-shirt which is a nice women’s running short sleeve shirt so that was great as well.

US Half Marathon "The Other Half" Women's Shirt

Sunday morning the race started at 7am about a half mile from my apartment so I figured I’d run there, it would take about 5 minutes.  I actually had to run 22 miles that day as it was my last “long” run for my Eugene Marathon training.  I got up a little later than I planned 6:15 and wasn’t very organized the night before so I didn’t have anything ready to go.  Opps!  I left my apartment at 6:54 for a race that started at 7am.  Turns out I wasn’t the only late one, quite a few runners coming down Van Ness were also headed for the start.  As I neared the starting line the race began.  I was able to jump in line and start right on time!

The first 3 miles of the race are flat and easy.  The race then makes a left into the Presidio and from there on out it’s pretty much uphill through Mile 10.  You travel up and down hills in the Presido eventually up to the Golden Gate bridge.  I was having horrible pain in my calves through the hills.  I have no idea what the deal was but my calves were so tight.  I stopped to stretch them 4-5 times but it wasn’t helping.  It was so frustrating!  I knew that I was killing my “time” but I needed to try to stay healthy, I still had another 9 miles to run when the race was over.  The Golden Gate Bridge experience was much better this time.  Both sides of the bridge were open to us so we went out on one side and returned on the opposite side.  We went on a dirt path down under the bridge and then back up another big hill and back on the bridge.  The views were gorgeous but I didn’t stop to take any pictures.  (I want to check out that path on another run so I can take some pictures)  We headed back through the Presidio but now it was downhill and then flat.  The last few miles were okay, I was struggling, it wasn’t an “easy” run day for me.  I was keeping a 9ish min mile pace which was where I wanted to be given it was a 22 mile run.

Running over the Golden Gate Bridge

The race finish was fine, overall organized.  We got plastic reusable water bottles to fill instead of plastic disposal bottles.  (Very green, very San Francisco)  I was then handed my medal and instantly bummed.  It doesn’t latch together with my other medal, it’s just a duplicate. I know it’s silly to get bummed out about a medal but I do love my collection and was really looking forward to my unique 2-in-1 medal.  Here are some pictures of the medals.  If you place one top of the other they do kind of look like one but it’s not the same.  Oh well….

US Half Marathon Medals

US Half Marathon Medals

One on top of each other - I guess they make one medal....

I most likely won’t run those races again.  Been there, done that.  They are nothing to write home about.  It’s great cause it’s 5 minutes from my house but I’d rather spend my money on other races.

I ended up running the race in 2:00:19.  A bit hard to swallow because it was my first race with a finish time over 2 hours since my first half marathon.  I know that it was correct to run that pace because I had 22 miles to run but I still prefer to see a 1 instead of a 2.

After the race I took a quick break and then headed out for anther 7-9 miles.  I ran 3.5 miles out to AT&T Park and then back along the Embarcadero.  I felt okay so I added on another 2 miles on my run home.  After the race I took an ice bath, my quads were sore from the hills so I felt like the bath would help. I then showered, FaceTimed with my family in NH at Easter and headed out to meet my CA cousins for brunch.  After brunch I was on the couch the rest of the night, just the way I like it.

In other news, it’s been a fun last few weeks.  Lots of fun work events like the Opening Day Viewing Party we hosted at AT&T Park and the PGA Golf Tournament this week.  I’m off to see one of my favorite bands Zac Brown Band at the Shoreline Amphitheater tonight.  Tomorrow I’m running the Presido 10 – another run over Golden Gate Bridge.  It should be another fun weekend!

View from Tee-Off at PGA Event

Happy St. Patrick’s Day and Happy Running!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! (belated). Yesterday I ran 15 miles and then met my cousin out for her Birthday! Happy Bday Hilary! It was a fun filled afternoon!

Just wanted to wish Good Luck to…
  • My cousin Heather running the NYC Half this morning
  • George a friend from college running his first marathon in LA
  • Anna running the St. Patrick’s Day 5k in Southie (totally wish I was in Southie this weekend
And Congrats to Kelly for an awesome half down in Atlanta this morning !
Hope everyone has a great weekend and happy running!