Portland Marathon Training – Week 16

Portland Training:  Week in Review:

  • Sunday – The Giant Race Half – 13:1 Miles
  • Monday – Bikram Yoga – 90 minutes
  • Tuesday – Track Workout – 7.5 miles
    • 3 mile warm-up
    • 400m @ 5k Pace, 200m recovery, 600m @5k, 400m recovery -x4 = 4 miles
    • 0.5 mile cooldown
  • Wednesday – 45 minute spin class and weight workout
  • Thursday – 5 mile run
  • Friday – OFF
  • Saturday 20 Miles

Total Miles – 45.5 Miles

45 miles – wow!  That is one of the highest mileage weeks I have run in a long time.  It was mostly due to the fact that I raced on Sunday so I did my long run Sunday instead of Saturday last week.  I was worried how my track workout would go on Tuesday after racing Sunday but I actually felt super strong.  We even ran our last 600m interval faster than the previous 3!  Spin on Wednesday morning was a bit rough to get going.  I didn’t have much recovery time between track and spinning (as in only 11 hours) so my legs were tired for the first 10 minutes.  Once I was warmed up though, I felt good and got a nice workout in.  I took my run on Thursday morning easy in prep for my 20 miler on Saturday am.

My long run on Saturday actually got off to an interesting start.  I was supposed to run at 6:30 with the early group to get 6 miles in before the 7:45 scheduled long run.  I actually had planned on arriving at 6am to get 2-3 in before the long run.  I had plans to camp for the night about an hour north of SF on Saturday and I was anxious to get up there.  I figured the earlier I could run, the sooner I would make it up to meet my friends.  My friends had gone up on Friday night but I had to stay back and get my run in Saturday am.  My plan to run early and get to camping earlier failed.  I accidentally set my “weekday” alarm and my alarm never went off on Saturday morning.  I woke up at 6:20 in a complete panic.  I actually was out of my house in 15 minutes (thank goodness I had everything ready to go the night before) and made it to the run for 7am.  I was able to get 4.5 miles in before the big run started so I was only about 1.5 miles behind the rest of the gang.

Hog Island Oysters!

Hog Island Oysters!

The first part of the run went well.  I had a strong first 8 miles and started to feel a bit tired at 10.  I knew that wasn’t good with another 10 ahead of me.  I kept pushing though and did okay through mile 15.  After that I was really getting tired.  I was actually only scheduled to run 16 this week but my family will be in town next weekend and I didn’t want to have to run 20 miles while they were here so I swapped the weeks.  I knew why I was only supposed to run 16, once I hit 16 I was ready to be done!  Our big group had broken off so it was just me and another guy so we were on our own.  He was awesome and helped me get to 20, he took it easy with me and kept chatting.  (He was only doing 16 so he was in much better shape than me)  Long story, I finished.  It HURT when I stopped running and walked to my car.  I did a bunch of stretching but was actually really hurting on my drive home.  I managed to find time to take an ice back, hydrate, eat and take some Aleve and by the time I was out the door for camping I felt much better.  I forgot how much those 20 mile runs take out of you and certainly can hurt.  I have 3 more to go, I am just hoping that this will all pay off in Portland!

I spent the rest of the weekend camping in Olema which is up near Point Reyes.  It was really fun!  It basically was a relaxing weekend with no plans and outside of the city.  My friends and I went up to Hog Island and got 2 dozen oysters.  I’m not a big oyster person but decided to give them another go seeing as they couldn’t get any fresher!  We had a bunch raw and cooked some as well.  I actually really enjoyed the raw ones!  They were salty which tasted so delicious after running 20 miles.  We also had cheese and crackers and made burgers for dinner.  Of course we complimented all that with some adult beverages!  It was a very nice and relaxing evening sitting around a camp fire.

Our Campsite!

Our Campsite!

Today we hung out in the sun at the campground until about 2pm.  Living in SF in the summer can really get to you.  We have no summer.  It’s cold and foggy every day so spending time in 70+ degrees in the sun was a real treat!  It was a great weekend!


It’s been a long time…

It’s been over 6 months since I’ve written in my blog and a lot has happened.  After chatting with my friends over wine last week they convinced me that I should make it a priority in my life again.  I took up my blog to work on my writing skills and of course to document all of my running and training.  So here I am.  My goal is to post at least once a week again.  So to bring you up to speed on my life (at least running wise) here are the highlights from January through August 2013.

  • I was out of my walking boot within a few days and fully mobile just a week after my surgery
  • I walked A LOT in February.  As a runner, going out for a casual walk is not the easiest thing.  I traveled to San Diego for work in February and my favorite thing to do when I visit a new city is to run, and I couldn’t, so I went out for a walk to see the city.Amanda & Jackson copy
  • My adorable and sweet nephew was born on February 26th – he’s brought a lot of joy to our family and I’ve been lucky to visit him in March and July!
  • I started running again on March 1st – it was a very exciting day!  It also was REALLY hard!  I ran 3 miles that day.
  • I signed up for the Portland Marathon two days later.  🙂
  • I ramped up my mileage slowly in March and April and was running 10+ Miles on weekends in May30th Birthday Dinner!
  • I turned 30 on April 29th, a pretty big milestone.  I celebrated with my parents and friends who surprised me with a great dinner followed by drinks.  It was a wonderful weekend!
  • I ran my first 10k in over two years on Memorial Day weekend.  I ran a 49:56 – a new PR for me!
  • On June 8th, I ran 10.3 miles of the Lake Tahoe Relay with 6 other women from my running club.  7 of us ran 72 miles in 11:05:39 in nearly 90 degree heat!  It was hot and exhausting but a total blast!Lake Tahoe Relay
  • On June 16th, I ran my first half marathon in over 7 months!  I ran the first half of the SF Marathon.  It was a tough race, very hilly.  I finished in 1:45:59.
    My cousin Michaela and I after the SF Half Marathon

    My cousin Michaela and I after the SF Half Marathon

  • I traveled back to Maine/NH/Boston for the 4th of July and spent two weeks back East.  My family ran our annual 5k.  It was 88 degrees with 100% humidity at the start, it was my slowest 5k in the last few years.  Ugh.  On a more positive note my little sister surprised me and ran her first 5k that day, I was so proud of her!
  • I ran over 148 miles in the month of July.  (My highest mileage month since October 2010)

Family 5kI am running pain-free after my surgery, it’s wonderful!  I am getting very excited for the Portland Marathon in October and looking forward to the Disneyland and Nike Women’s halfs coming up this fall!Family Hallke 5k

Portland Half Marathon

A week and a half ago I headed back to Boston for a tradeshow (aka work) but tagged on a few days of fun with family in friends the weekend before.  It was a CRAZY weekend but it was fun.  I’ll spare you all the details but the quick recap is  that I saw a TON of people both former co-workers, close friends and family, attended 2 tradeshows/events, was out way to late multiple nights (fun nights) and ran a half marathon.

I ran the Portland (Maine) Half Marathon with my Dad and cousin(in-law) Greg.  (We have 2 Greg’s so just clarifying :))  Here is my quick summary of the Half Marathon: RAN IN THE RAIN FOR NEARLY 2 HOURS.  Yup, that’s about it.  Woke up at 5:30 EST (pretty sure my body was still on PST) and it was pouring rain out.  The kind or rain that you hear and think, “what a perfect day to lay in bed and watch movies all day”.  Nope, my Dad and I were out the door by 6:10am in the pouring rain.  I was armed with a full set of dry clothes for after the race – so glad I thought I ahead.  After a quick trip back to the house for our running watches (my Dad and I both forgot them) we were off the Portland.  We got stuck in some really bad traffic but still has time to squeeze in one last bathroom run and then stand in the rain waiting for the race to start.

It was a slow race for me.  I was exhausted from the beginning.  I ended up running the whole race with my Dad which was really nice. Always nice to have QT with the parents. 🙂 After about two miles I didn’t notice the rain.  Once your feet are wet, what can you do?  We were approached an intersection at mile 2.5 and heard sirens.  The sirens resulted in holding the entire race back for a minute while 3 fire trucks crossed the race course.  Wow, major bummer.  We knew we had lost about a minute of our time AND were now stuck in a big crowd of people we had to weave through again.  Luckily, I forced my Dad to turn around and get my watch because I was able to stop my watch for the fire truck and get a more accurate “net time” then what the results showed.

Mile 4.5 was GU time for me.  I needed the energy.  Only problem, my hands were wet, the GU was wet and I dropped it in the middle of the race.  I was so desperate for the energy I stopped to pick it up.  I know better than to stop in the middle of a race, it’s dangerous for me and the runners behind me but I did it anyway.  Well, I paid the price.  Some guy ran smack into my head.  It hurt – a lot.  I moved on, ate my GU and started to get into my grove around mile 6.5.  It never takes me that long to find a good rhythm, just a rough race day.  Miles 7-12 flew by.  My Dad and I made friends with a nice guy from Maine and talked about all kinds of races we had done or were planning on running.  The last mile I had a lot more energy than normal, I picked up my pace and left my Dad but he was only a few second behind me.  I finished in 1:55:30 according to the results but my watch which removed the fire truck time said 1:54:29 – so that’s what I’m going with.  It’s my 3rd best time.  My dad was just a few seconds behind me (resulting in a PR – 1 min 30 sec off his Manchester Half time) and my cousin Greg finished in 1 hour 46 min.  Amazing!

The Portland Half would have been BEAUTIFUL if it wasn’t rainy and foggy.  It was a great event despite the rain and fire truck (two things out of their control).

Here we are all soggy after the run….

Notice the bibs sideways?  It made the Runners World Blog

As always – shirt, bib and medal….

Couple quick pics from the weekend…

Me, my mom and sister at the Fitchburg Football game (Aka Family weekend)

Me with my parents and Aunts and Uncles at Frankie & Johnny's in Maine